crashing on a sports trip

Date: 2/21/2017

By $MrKrabzWalking

Last night I had a dream we were on our way to either a football or a basketball game. So I was sitting towards the back of the bus jus talking to some of my friends, I also noticed there was like a blizzard out side. Couldn't see out any window and the windshield looked like a white screen there was no part that you could see through. That didn't scare me in my dream tho I thought it was pretty normal ig? (Irl we would not have gone on that trip but whatever) now the next thing I knew we were sinking to the bottom of a lake. I don't remember an actual crash but people were hurt and we were under water. My friends and I evacuate safely and swim to shore despite the storm, once we reach the shore it stops snowing and I don't even realize it was gone. The strangest thing about this dream is I was never scared or thinking I was gonna die, I barely felt any adrenaline or anything.