Gun Nightmare

Date: 3/29/2017

By oddhate

I was in some housing apartment type things and it was night. I somehow knew I was in some Middle Eastern country. I was with a middle eastern boy and we were walking in the sand towards this convenience store hut thing. Inside was a middle eastern woman with her hair covered up. She was old. There was another white girl in military uniform buying food. For some reason I felt like something bad was going to happen so I was telling them to please hurry desperately. She took her time and I begged her to please hurry and that I will pay extra if she just let me take the food but she wouldn't let me. Outside I saw a middle eastern man and woman and they lit something and threw it in the store. Then the man shot his gun inside the store. I knew what was happening so I ran outside and took cover. The place blew up. It was terrorists. I ran inside the housing apartments and most people were sleeping, but some were walking around. The people who were walking around knew that a bomb went off. I grabbed people who were walking around and I threw them into random rooms with people sleeping and told them to hide. I kept doing that but I needed to hide myself. After that I went inside a random room. The room had two bunk beds (so four beds) with three little kids around three years old sleeping. I tried to hide under the bed, but the gap was too small for me to fit so I panicked and grabbed this toy cop car on the floor and pressed a button to play a loud siren and lights. I got an idea and I threw the cop car with the sound playing in the hallway in hopes to attract the terrorists to the room. I grabbed the three kids and made them go to the top bunk next to the door. After a bit, the terrorist guy came in the room and shot me in the mouth but somehow I opened my mouth and caught the bullet in my teeth. I spit out the bullet, grabbed the gun from his hands and shot him in the head. The bullet ricocheted off of the man and hit the woman in the leg. After that, I grabbed the woman and tied her. When it was morning, news of the attacks spread. The dead terrorist's body was displayed like a trophy and Beyoncé came to greet me and decided that the terrorist woman will be released. I was mad and asked why and she said that it isn't fair that she can't make music in prison. I tried telling her that the woman tried to kill us, but the woman had already fled.