The Purge

Date: 4/7/2019

By kenzilee

In my hometown of Batavia, it had become the purge at all times. We had a group where we would stay with them to protect each other and ourselfs. My group had myself, an older man, a black girl, my crush, and a young man. We stayed at my grandma's house, careful to not make any noise so the people on the outside wouldn't know our location. In the first night, we would sleep in different spots in the house because of the different places that there was to sleep. When we woke up, I was in a different point of veiw. I was in the young man's body, but no one seemed to notice. I figured out that the couch held a bed that could fit 2 on it and that we had a bunch of blankets and such. We carried the couch upstairs into my room and pulled out the bed. We made a bed on the remainder of the floor. For a second I was back in my body and I stated that two people would have to sleep on the couch bed. I volunteered me and my crush to do it but he wasn't there. I suddenly switched back to the young man's body and I said that him and his girl friend, the black girl, would sleep in it. Once we all got settled down, I switched back to myself. I pulled out my phone to ask where my crush was. He said he was with his family and that I wasnt. He seemed angry. I texted and said that him and his family could come her anytime they wanted. And he apologized and said goodnight. The older man started to turn on us, pulling out his gun. The gun didn't work but we had to kill him to ensure our safety. My friend faith called telling me that our front door had been opened and that there was animals in the kitchen. We heard footsteps coming up the stairs that stopped at our door. It was faith. She told us to grab our stuff and leave. My body switched again and his girlfriend got a call of a person telling her that they knew where she was and were tracking her. We looked around for anything that could be tracking her and threw one of her chapsticks away. We go down stairs and they were playing the music that she wrote and we told them to turn it off.