First day of school

Date: 7/7/2017

By MarlenePsychom

I dreamt about the first day of 8th grade. When I was getting ready in the morning, I forgot to put the uniform shirt on and I got mad at my mom because she didn't wash them. So I just wore a dirty one.When I got there, this 6th grader who was also my neighbor asked me where the bathroom was but then a teacher yelled at me saying "MARLENE, WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" And I said "Breakfast" so I went to go get breakfast. The weird thing about this is the school in my dream didn't look like my middle school right now. It looked like the elementary that I went to.In the cafeteria, I couldn't find my friends. After about five minutes I found them. There was no room for me so I just shared a seat with another girl.