Red Stairs

Date: 1/20/2017

By SRCervantes

I was in a Victorian house and there was a mild storm outside. To my right was a very broad staircase with red carpet. I went up halfway and to my left was a very clean half bathroom. I went up higher and to my left was a very clean whole bathroom with a German cockroach with two heads. On the counter was a small cockroach. I went up to the highest level and walked into the kitchen to get a syringe with insulin for my dad. I walked into a bedroom where my das was on bed rest and he told me I had gestational diabetes. I told him the injection was for him. I had the needle with a protector and the bevel up but he insisted it had to face down. We got into an argument and he left out of the side where we had a carport. A girl walk in with a photo album and showed me pictures and I began to cry. I said "I was a bad person. No matter how hard I tried I was bad." She comforted me and told me she was my sons girlfriend. I told her I was alone but I suddenly had a knowing of a son asleep upstairs. I felt he was still waiting to be born though I didn't have a boyfriend or a husband. I felt we'd be robbed suddenly, so I started locking the back doors and the door to the cellar. I sang worship songs and it became stormy inside. Someone told me to anoint the doors with oil. The neighbor from across the street yelled to put out two ten speed bicycles and to put out a college game of 28 to 2. I didn't understand. I heard,"he's checking out your record." I woke up crying and humiliated.