Frank from shameless?

Date: 4/28/2017

By Tati52

I woke up at 4:50 a.m because I was about to do the wbtb technique to lucid Dream but while I was laying down in bed I remembered I had to study for my test. So I said Ima just lucid dream tomorrow. So I got up and study for 2 hours. Then I started feeling even more sleepy. I went asleep on my couch, I ain't feel like going to my room . So I'm laying on the couch and all of a sudden my body started getting hot then my heart rate decreased then My heart rate started speeding up. I pulled the covers off of me so when I was about to fall asleep again my head started throbbing and my ears started hurting so I opened my eyes and saw a cartoon face on the wall so I'm like tf but it went away. Then i went back to sleep so the same thing started happening but this time I finally went to sleep. (After this I don't really remember what happened) (Lucid Dream) So I remember I got up, because I was about to get ready for school and use the bathroom. So I'm about to walk to the bathroom, I ended up seeing my cousin Steve, Frank from shameless, and my mother! im I'm like Huh why is they here? So I went into the bathroom and did my daily routine so I went into my room and Frank from shameless bussed (why is he here?) in while I'm half naked so he gave me 4 pads I wasn't even on my period I think. So he gave me the pads I'm like "Thanks?" He like "NO PROBLEM" I think he was drunk. Then he came back in and took back 2 pads he just gave me and looked at me then he left. (weird ?) so I went into my mothers room and said "So you not finna take me to school" she like "NO, I'm tired " I'm thinking like if I miss another day they're are going to fail me so I got mad. So I went into the front room and cover my face with my hands and blew a breath, I had scratched my head and my hair wasnt done I'm like I ain't going to school without my hair done. so I looked at my hands and it looked like I got 5 fingers then I looked up close then I saw 6 fingers then I saw a extra finger growing I'm like "I'm dreaming" then I went towards the closet door, i said " I want to see my crush" so I opened the closet door and didn't see him so I tried it again "I want to seee my crush NOW!" So I opened the door and it was another door behind the door so when I was about to open the door i woke up IRL with my arm reaching out to the door that was in my dream I'm like OMG . So that Dream only lasted for 5 minutes but it felt sooo long. So I went back to bed. (Normal Dream) I had went to school and I was in my art class but my health teacher was in the art class teaching art so I'm like huh? So we doing this mud project and I messed it up really bad in my dream. So I saw my BestFriend standing up at by the door so I left the class. so we went into a gym and this boy name Jaylin came up to her and called her scary and allat he said "I bet you won't pulled the fire alarm" she like "WATCH ME" I'm Likee " NOOO DONT DO IT! WE GON DIE" she looked at me and smiled then pulled the alarm. I'm like OMG WE FINNA DIE . so the gym started flooding. So I'm screaming and shit. I started running towards the door so when I went towards the door a huge wave was coming towards me and some other people so we all in the water drowning and shit then I had Blacked out then the principle opened the gym door,I regained consciousness. So the principle was like "WHO DID THIS?" I'm like "I don't know" then I walked out the door. Shidddd I had to lie, I wasn't finna snitch on my bestfriend ! I WOKE UP! Then I actually went to school 😑!