Fragments. Expo and ex.

Date: 2/12/2017

By dixsilence

The first part I can only remember I was going to some kind of port at the end of a river. I was traveling on foot with my father I think. At some point we were close to the sea and I started swimming towards a ship. At that moment there was a very bad fire on the docks with firefighter ships and all. When we arrived I got to a museum, it was very boring until I got to some kind of anime sección. It was full of classic items and history. I wanted to take my time and take a lot of photos but they were closing so I had to leave. Then the dream changed and I was on a storage building, it was at night and raining. It was on USA, I was a tourist and they were selling videogame consoles. I wanted a super Nintendo GameCube 64, it was awesome. Finally the third dream. I was coming back from school, I was a student again and we were coming from a field trip on a large bus. My house was some kind of dorm so everyone had their rooms. My ex was here too, she was with a mate in this room and to me was kind of annoying having them so close so I grabbed my luggage and went to my room. Then she said "oh so you are running away to play some Nintendo instead socialising like a normal human being? How childish". I got so angry and went to my room to sleep. >:(