job and mother

Date: 3/19/2017

By felixcruz26

So when I starting dreaming I was in a restaurant eating can't remember what. When I finished for some reason I decided I need a job so bad I would just go in back and start cleaning my dish and other dishes my self. There was a heavy set guy already cleaning dishes but it was a two sided sink so I just stood on the other side and starting doing my thing. The heavy set guy didn't say anything for a while probably thinking I was new. Then he Jus walk away and came back with the manager which was a female. She started to shout at me asking me what Im doing and why you back here then told me to go out front in the dining area to talk. So we went out front and I explain to her that I needed a job so bad that I just decided to do that to show it. She goes through her pockets and pulls out fifty bucks and gives it to me. I took it the offered it back saying I just really need a job I don't want the money. She says keep it and hands me a application says fill it out and bring it back tomorrow. Tells me she Just hired somebody as the cheese guy but as soon as a opening is available she will contact me. I was happy and headed home. When I got home I told my mother about what happen and mention I was given fifty bucks this where the dream went south. My mother wanted the money I earned so bad she started throwing a fit to where I had to hold her down from hurting me. I release after a bit she sprinted towards her hatchets she had laying around and throwing them at me. I kept evading them. She charged toward me that's when she tripped and fell forward. When that happened she laid there not moving. My mother friend was there and went to look at her to see if she was alright but she wasn't. She was dead somehow she landed straight into a arrow going into her forehead. Me and my mother friends starting crying hysterically. Next thing you know it we was at a funeral alot of people crying. I was feeling guilty like I should have just give her the money. That when they ask does anybody have anything to say about her I woke up right after that