sex video and dirt in my mouth

Date: 7/10/2016

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was in my room totally masterbating like there was no tomorrow, and i was recording myself to send it to my boyfriend. I noticed a crap load of cum dripping down my legs and oddly enough it was turning me on. Anyway, the dream shifted and i was bend over in some school. There were kids lined up around me and some had dirt on them, or mud, yeah it was mud. I had mud on my shoes and i was trying to scrape it off with my fingers but it was a lot. Then i noticed i had mud in my mouth too and i was spitting it out but more kept coming out, it was neverending, and annoying af. I couldnt get any of it completely out my mouth. The teacher was giving water to a kid who had mud in his mouth too and the dream ended.