Date: 3/19/2017

By bexican49

I was running down the halls of a museum. At least, I think it was a museum. It had places for exhibits and picture frames, but they were all empty with empty labels and plaques. the walls were white with gold handrails, and the floor was a deep red color. The doors were sort of a redwood color. Also, and this seemed particularly odd, the entire building was on it's side. So as I was running (I was being chased) I kept having to jump over doors and empty picture frames. I tripped over these things more than I'd like to admit. I never saw anyone else in the dream, however I was afraid of whatever was chasing me. I knelt down and tried to open a door, but it was locked. I said "I can't open it, it's locked" aloud and looked over my shoulder to see what was chasing me. I woke up before I could catch a glimpse.