weird study session?

Date: 3/28/2017

By abnormal

Sandra, Huda, a bunch of eleventh graders, and I were sitting in my sister's room. She shows me her study notes for Physics where someone explained very carefully. Her contact names are quite uncanny; "Girl who complains about exams" and such. She shows me her phone where we both pick pictures of myself to make an aesthetically pleasing edit out of. Halfway through, I suggest we use pictures of Nina (Dobrev) so I select all those pictures of myself so I can delete them and I select a picture of a knee along with them. She starts screaming and grabbing the phone, saying "it's not like you ever got a picture of ****** on your knee." My mother scolds me, her voice coming from downstairs saying how she just wants a few minutes of peace. I stand up and whisper to Sandra that I'll write down a few suggestions of models she can search up to make an edit out of. I remember having Devon Aeko in mind but I choose to write another one first; someone who's name starts with a J. I manage to write the J, unclearly, and go back to whatever I was doing. All I can remember now while I think of the model who's name starts with a J is a picture of Natasha Poly that I've got saved on my phone. I then move to the cupboard next to my sister's desk and grab a hairbrush and while I'm about to throw it on the bin, Saleha stops me and I apologize, saying "it didn't occur to me that hairbrushes exist outside the bathroom." I look at my sister's desk and I see a set of toothbrushes. I look at Saleha, asking her how I could shut them up. The voices were those of the eleventh grades trying to study, coming out of the toothbrushes. She sort of shrugs and the dream ends there. I think the dream starts out with either Sandra or Saleha but they keep switching throughout the dream. Why do my dreams keep happening in my sister's room!??