Creepy old house

Date: 7/17/2017

By averyraee

Ive had this dream a few times in the past. Im in an old creepy house, trying to buy it from an old couple. The house is very old, small, and cluttered with tons of rooms. The house is located in the middle of a busy residential area, but I'm unknown of the city. I don't recognize this house at all. The rooms contain very old, antique furniture, and lots of it. I go to every room in the house, but I specifically remember the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. The bathroom was very old and dirty. The walls were a gross green/yellow, it had an old toilet with a chain you pull to flush it, the bathtub was an ugly, almost rusted claw foot tub. The bedroom was a large room with 1 window and no closet. I specifically remember the off white & brown carpet because no other room in the house had carpet. When I entered the bedroom there was a stranger on the bed watching tv. The kitchen was a mess, the countertops and sink were under a huge window that over looked the street outside. It was the front of the house, attached was a dining room filled with antique dish ware and a table. I remember being my age in the dream. I was first feeling excited about purchasing the house, but the longer I was inside I started to feel uneasy, pressured, and scared in a way. Something didn't feel right. I'm currently not in a good place with my boyfriend and he's away with work and unable to call me to discuss the issues we're having. Could that be the reason for this dream? It's so weirdly specific, I feel like the dream has to mean something.