Interesting Dream(s)

Date: 4/19/2017

By Mr_Mario

So, the first bit of my night was supposed to be a real life Club Penguin thing where people were supposed to find their way up to the top of the mine building to get rid of the snow. I had gotten close. All I needed was a ladder, but the one I was going to use belonged to somebody else, so we got into a physical fight for it. The second part of my night was me trying to have gay sex with someone. We were at my place. I'm the bathroom. I was trying to hint towards sex. He eventually caught on. I went to go quickly do something, but when I returned to the washroom, he had already undressed. I walked over to him and started playing with his balls. Then we sat down, with me against the bathtub, he pulled my pants down, and positioned himself so that I could stick my dick in his ass. At that point, he lowered himself, and I entered him. At that point, the dream cuts to some time after that when my partner was giving birth (I have no idea how as it was a male-on-male thing). There's still something in my head from that dream, but it's too blurry for me to remember what is was. Something I do remember still, was that I wanted to have sex with that guy again. Or we had sex again. I'm not sure. The last part of my night was with this person I have no memory of meeting. He came driving up the road I live on, and wanted to take some photos. So he came into the yard and starting doing that. At some point, he does damage to one of the shrubs. I come to check it, and say that we really need to get some more "echoing" and I set a reminder on my phone. After that, I try and send this guy away since I didn't want him around anymore.