Bombed & Robbed

Date: 6/8/2017

By Suzei

This dream started off as a mess to begin with, I was at some sort of celebration when I see one of my dogs wondering around the party. My first thought was, "Did she break out of the house?" So I decide to grab her and walk the poor thing home. I called my boyfriend Angel to tell him to what happened and why I left, he said okay just be careful---which I knew I would be, but when we had pulled up I had noticed my home was a disaster. (And for some reason it was my childhood home) I look at the windows and doors busted...shattered, almost like a bomb had been set off inside. Then i look down to my driveway to see a car explode right before my eyes which drove me straight into panic mode. I quickly call Angel back and he was on his way before I could get through my sentence. I look up again when I could see and noticed the car was still in tact and to the right of it was another, it had a timer on the back windshield.. "So the bombs have constantly been going??" I whispered to myself as I squinted to see through the door way and notice ALL of my pets in living room. For those who do not know, I am a complete animal lover. So as soon as I saw this I didn't even think, I ran up to the door and started hauling them out. There was no better time for my boyfriend to show up than when he did! And let me tell you, he was not worried about the speed limit whatsoever. I ran to his car, swung open his back door and started setting my pets on his seats. Then turn around to glance back at the broken home wondering why someone would be so cruel. Which made my eyes wonder towards the other homes, they were broken into as well! I turned to Angel and he had already been looking at them but seemed lost for words. I just felt overwhelmed with anger and wanted to go inside my home to see what had been done. I glanced over to the car to see the timer of when it would go off next. I don't remember the time, but I know I had enough. Quickly turning to Angel I tell him I'm going inside and ask him to wait here, which of course he wasn't with the idea but knew I wouldn't change my mind. So I run towards the door but slower my pace as I get there then pier inside to make sure that it was clear. I saw no one, but didn't feel alone. I walk as quiet as I could, strangely not recognizing the layout of my home at all. It was a wide living room with a few doors. As I came to the hallway I saw a wallet on a stand. For some reason I felt like I needed to open it, but as I reached for it I heard a door open and shut.. then another! Boy, you wouldn't believe how fast I bolted out of that house. I didn't stop, did not turn to see who it was, but kept running. My boyfriend was outside and I've never seen him so ready to fight in my life. He was looking passed me, which made me even more in panic. The moment I made it to him he pulled me behind him and drew out a gun. First of all, Angel has never shot a gun--or even had one! So the confusion on my face was too unreal. But for some reason he couldn't shoot, and then the man started to attack him. I was in shock. The man wasn't even wearing a mask! He had dirt brown hair with a shaggy beard and looked completely insane. Angel was relentlessly swinging and as time went on the bearded man lost his strength. I pull my boyfriend away and say we need to go, so we quickly got into the car and drove away. Not sure where! But...I'm just wondering why I didn't call the police, probably because my animal loving instincts kicked in. -_- Anyway, I've tried looking up "bombed and robbed" dreams and not to my surprise didn't find much on it. If anyone has a clue of what this dream means or has a good website recommendation to where I could find some explanation, oooor if it's just nothing please let me know! Thanks for listening to my probably too long told dream.