Date: 4/15/2017

By Marcy

i had a dream of a post apocalyptic world in which i was in a computer world runnung and hiding. there were ransom posters like i was a criminal, and the admins wanted to use me as a node because i had the most powers, due to my brain containing a birth defect that resulted in me being psychic, provable by my psychic powers. I met up with friends Shae Center and Hailee Moyer so i could work my way through the world by doing things to consider my options, running from Them, and asking questions like if i would be happy. i didn't want perfection, i wanted human life. i wanted emotions, something they couldn't provide. as Hailee wouldn't understand me i directly transmitted my thoughts to her via psychic powers through a roll of christmas lights as an electric medium. we warped the neophysical world around us by this action causing them to find me in the anomaly. i woke up upon my kidnapping. considering writing a book