Date: 6/20/2017

By Alabaster

Well, hell. I had this thing nearly done but something interesting happened in another app so I left. Came back and EVERTHING'S GONE. Ugh. Alright, abridged version it is. Everything took place in a gothic style, labyrinth-like school. The dream is long but I'll only cover the two big events that happened. •Event one was walking in on a class. They were in an area that, earlier in the dream, was a "swimming pool". I use that term loosely because it was basically an indoor lake with greenish water, plants growing from the bottom to the water's surface, and even a small pier. Now it was solid flooring though. I came in to get my backpack (despite having one slung over my shoulder already). All except the teacher were seated in a large circle, perfectly spaced between each other. A girl stood outside the circle and was talking to the teacher. When I came in, everyone turned towards me but didn't say a word. Until the teacher broke the silence with, "Oh you're joining us?" she turns to the girl. "Sorry, I didn't know anyone was going to try and take your spot." The class then scooted to make room for me, but still retained their perfect spacing. The girl clasped her hands together in front of her and hung her head at this. I quickly corrected her, saying I was supposed to be in swimming class. The teacher stared blankly at me until I turned and left. •It was now nighttime and I was, for some reason, poking around in a teacher's room. The staff had rooms in the towers that made up parts of this castle-turned-school and the one I was in resembled an attic bedroom, except with more stone. I wasn't in there long before I went down two floors and entered the courtyard. Unlike before when I saw it first during the day, it was now a graveyard. This didn't phase me in dream though. I walked around for a little while before walking up to one headstone specifically. There was no writing on it. I put my hand on it for, again, some reason and I left a blood smear behind. I began to panic, not knowing where it came from. I tried wiping it away with a white towel I suddenly had but it only spread it across the stone. I draped the towel over it and left in a hurry. Before I woke up, I had gone home and told my mom that I was afraid they'd use the blood to figure out who did it, now assuming it was somehow mine. Thinking back on the last part, the first explanation that comes to mind is guilt from being where I wasn't supposed to be and poking around. My mind goes to Macbeth and the famous line "A little water clears us of this deed." Props to you if you know what I'm talking about. It was something like that where I had (literal) blood on my hands and tried to wash it away but I was too guilty of what I'd done. Not sure about the meaning of a graveyard and that headstone being covered with it, though. Maybe I'll take the guilt to my grave? Any other thoughts would be appreciated.