Conspiracy in my city.

Date: 6/16/2017

By Alan Shore

My dad discovered that the institute of mutes and deafs was actually an institution to train mercenaries and actually convinced some of the higher ups to give him a paper of investigation, we were in this room where he was talking with two people and the kid worker gave me a gun for some reason so I hid the gun between the bed sheets and I hid somewhere in the same room because someone was coming and I thought he was a mercenary, I guess they acted it out, my dad and I left in a car to did over the paper and another car was chasing us so it became a pursuit so dad was speeding up jumped over and unfinished bridge and landed on a construction site safely, I was Heuy from the boondocks because you know he liked conspiracies, my dad's partner was helping us, he shot one of the people who were chasing us and helped me to kick a ball to another's face " I had detective Conan's boots.." , so anyway the institute managed to buy dad's partner, he was blonde and wearing a suit, also he used to be bad but my dad straightened him up, now he is trying to kill us and then I woke up because my room mate was snoring his ass out, god I hate him..