party in the garage

Date: 2/4/2017

By Jiggy123

Everyone was here. All Mama and dads friends were all gathered around. It was winter and there was a snow storm but everyone was dressed like it was summer. Everyone was happy I was there. Tina was there, Karen Matt, Eddie. My Italian family. Gina, Johnna, Stephany, Nicole, Alfred, Tonya, Tony, Antoni, Anthony, some people who I didn't know or haven't seen in years. Also, the dream changed. Whitney was on a reality tv show and I was the one being ganged up on by the camera and Whitney. I guess by the director too. This all happened in an outside environment in the garage. When we had our family and friend gathering we were all happy. There was a point when I was in a car on the highway with my mothers cousin. Then it went back to the outdoors party and Avery one stopped in mid tracks. Someone pointed and said shit up... everyone just stfu. There was a baby cartoon wolf hopping around. Everyone was afraid of it but I wasn't.