Boom ! You're alive

Date: 5/31/2017

By guido38

Well it took place while I was little . At first it seemed like I was in this big office like building . For one reason or another people were running out . Then the building was exploding around me . And then It looked like it zoomed out how it would on a camera and I ended up actually seeing this on tv . Then I felt a rumble and saw the same thing happening outside . Me being little I ran to my dads room and he was saying prayers looking distraught and just hugged him . Then I woke up still in the dream but as if the explosion was a dream . I was in the back of a car don't know who was driving but the back seat was bed like . The interior was similar to a quilt and had cartons and the windows had curtains . Just riding along and it was sunny . It's actually on my street . Except my street was much bigger looking more like a main road . Some trucks just sped by . And we were all approaching the same light . Then I woke for real this time