On a cruise

Date: 7/7/2017

By deeeyaaaa

My dream started with me on a cruise with all of my friend group. I assume it was a planned trip but for some reason I didn't pack properly and only had jeans when we would be going to Florida! Also for some reason I had Skyler (my dog) with me on the cruise. I was talking to my friends and hey said to call your parents and they can give you money through like pay pal or something or send me money somehow to buy me dog food, and summer clothes and money for food etc wherever we go. Then the dream ended. Also, Pia, Avery and Kika were being really nice to me for a change almost like they felt bad for me about the whole Greece thing. So there was apart of the dream where There were hugging Skyler excitedly saying how they hadn't seen him in ages. Also I was sharing a room with Pia when I requested to be in the same room as Lucy.