Dream prison

Date: 4/8/2019

By Brandon7820

Went to sleep, went into mild sleep paralysis then into dreaming, I knew I was dreaming and took full advantage of my new powers. I was in a doom like world, there were monsters that I was killing in the typical low quality box-y doom rooms (Doom 1 and 2), i would transition through levels by falling through the sky. I summoned a big fireball in a very cool wizardry fashion, that blew up this temple and then encased me in ash. That's when I awoke to what I didnt know at the time as another dream. I awoke to my room (Daniela's room) got up and tried to go to the bathroom. The lights wouldnt work, which then tipped me off to this was another dream, and I needed to wake up. So I tried killing myself by dropping a fridge on my head (dying in my dreams has usually awaken me in the past), but nothing worked, I was starting to get worried I was trapped in this dream forever. I sat back down on the bed and comtimplated this new reality, would I be okay with being in this state forever, would I get bored, where was my body right now. This went on for what seemed like forever. I focused and closed my eyes and eventually woke up to an empty ish room with a couch and a complete stranger inside it. The stranger was a ginger with hair that was curly and semi long. He had a small dog with him. For some reason I felt this was normal and I knew him, and that I had finally woken up to reality. I talked to him about my vivid dreams and how I was so scared I was in a coma or something and would be dreaming like this for the rest of my life. He seemed interested but I started getting paranoid. I asked him question like, what are you doing here, when did you get here. He answered "like 30 minutes ago, dom let me in" I then knew I was dreaming again and was very worried. I grabbed him and threw him to the ground, and starting interrogating him, asking him to let me wake up. (Throughout the dreams I did feel as if someone was watching and controlling me, like I was in a prison with hidden cameras looking down on me, I then assumed this strange ginger man was the person who has been behind this all). He started asking me to tell him what the dreams meant. And I felt even more like a labrat. Was he studying me during my dreams? "just tell me what they mean" he would repeat. I think I eventually killed him, driving my thumbs through his eyes to get him to stop talking Eventually after interrogating and killing him I focused hard on waking up, the world went black and I could start to feel my body again and finally did. Finally, back to reality. And so far it seems to be real. This whole dream took place from 710am to 755am.