Date: 2/11/2017

By darrah_300

It started, I was at my friends Haydens old apartment. He moved from there a while back but the dream still happened there. I was with my cousin Aubrey.Shes about 5"4 black hair.There was this guy who kept trying to eat her and kill me, I had to protect her. ( I've had multiple dreams like this before where I have to protect her, even if it means killing someone to save her)The guy was like a army general. He had a machete. Aubrey and I had to run from him. He were in the woods and there was a creek. We jumped in and tried swimming to the other side.The guy jumped in as well and grabbed Aubrey. He held he under water and I dove under grabbing his machete. Aubrey broke free and swam to the surface and sat on a rock sitting up from the water. The guy was strong. He took control of my hands and I couldn't stab him. I threw the machete to Aubrey, I put the guys arm behind his back and she stabbed him in the neck. We let his body float down to the bottom of the creek. Once I climbed out we were suddenly in this weird house. I think it was Aubrey's house but I've never been there before. We were dry, and was supposed go to Haydens birthday party that day. I walked in her room and she was laying on the bed, on her phone. I lay down next to her and said" you know I'll always protect you and there's nothing I wouldn't do for you, and I love you but we cannot tell anyone what happened". She was scared but shook her head. Someone was honking out side. It was Aubrey's mom(my aunt). She was taking us to Haydens birthday party. This is where it gets weird. She drives up to this flying pirate ship and we get on it, it takes us to this parking lot and no one was at the party yet so Aubrey and I decided to walk around and check things out. We seem a creek and she flinched at the site of it. I told her that it was ok, that we have to be strong. My friend Trent was there. He's about 5"9 with dirty blonde hair.the dream kind went blurry after that.