someone please respond if you've had a dream in this place

Date: 6/26/2017

By Kazmunnikill

So I've had this recurring dream and it always leads to me experiencing sleep paralysis. The dream itself takes place in the same place but the things that happen are always different. I can never fully understand the concept of this place or what it is. I'll try to explain it. So the place I'm in is all grey shades and I think it's a city and there's nothing I can solidly describe about it just that I usually see things such as grey dreary buildings and I'm usually inside them, not many details mostly just grey colour. Also the people that are there who will always communicate with me in some way, are strange and just make me feel weird. But, what I do know doesn't ever change in this place is the emotion I feel every time. Again it's almost indescribable but i feel weird slightly scared and just overall... dark. This emotion I feel is the overruling thing that I think about when I think about these dreams. It's just dark and Ill usually have sleep paralysis, wake up and then won't dream about it again that night . So has anyone had a dream in this place and had these emotions? Please respond. X