Luxurious Woman Into My Room's Bathroom

Date: 8/27/2019

By Joven8888

There were sounds coming from the door knob as if someone was trying to open it. But not forcefully, there were sounds of metals clashing with each other, the sound of keys. I woke up from my shallow slumber; and while still in bed, looked questioningly on the door. The lights in my room were on, so I guess no one would mistake my room as vacant. I came down from my bed, and waited curiously beside the door. The door was successfully opened, it was a woman in her young adulthood, with thin body, and luxurious clothing and jewelry trying to enter. I asked her why she is here, she just looked at me and went straight to the bathroom. She was peeing but did not totally closed the door, so I told her to close it completely. And after doing so, she came out and walked out of my room like nothing happened. Then, I made sure that my door is completely locked with the other lock that is not openable by keys.