Date: 6/20/2017

By Madison

I fear to sleep in my room sometimes. I know it sounds childish considering im 16, but I have a reoccurring dream when I sleep in my room. In my dream, a dark shadow figure lurks around in diffrent places of my room, silently watching me. It has no facial features, only a faint glow where it's eyes should be and it stands very tall. It doesn't move most of the time but when it does, it makes a creeking noise and moves very slowly. It stares quietly, as if it is trying not to wake me even though in the dream my eyes remain open. I watch it creek my door open sometimes, crawl slowly out from under my bed, or even stand in the darkest corner of my room. I don't know why it's reoccuring everytime I sleep in my room, all I know is I feel like the creauture is staring into my soul as I sleep.