Epic Chase

Date: 3/3/2019

By DweebMyGuy

So my family ditched me and I was lost in the middle of town with a GPS, I looked up the fast food restaurant, Sonic for some reason on my GPS and it seemed really far but I was determined to go there. I was walking through a neighborhood on my way to Sonic when I saw a dog lying in the dirt behind a house. He got up and he looked mad and then he started chasing me. He somehow multiplied into other animals like a horse and other dogs. They all slipped into a ditch/wash and weren’t able to come back up. They turned into humans and started climbing up. The whole wash turned into a kitchen but I was super small compared to it. I decided to make a leap of faith on to some wooden blocks with letters on them in the middle of the kitchen and I made it but all the other people couldn’t make it and jumped to their death.