Bouncing dream/OBE

Date: 7/10/2017

By wanda1316

I was naked and standing in my living room. I was underwater, or at least it felt that way. I was bouncing up and down. When I was up I could inhale (since I came out of the water) and I could see myself in the mirror. I was smiling, having fun. Then I noticed I was breathing normally. So I stopped bouncing and I inhaled. I could breathe. So I knew I wasn't literally underwater. I think this is when I fully realized I was either having a dream or an OBE. Then I lied down face-first on the carpet my my arms bent around my head. I practicing floating. At first it came easy, then it became more challenging. My sister came in the room and sat on the couch and looked in my direction. I gave up and stood back up. I then noticed that I no longer felt like I was underwater. Bouncing was not as much fun. So I went upstairs and went back to bed, where my body was already sleeping.