Trespassing Squatters

Date: 1/16/2017

By jtbadn

An older man, a boy about 12, a girl about 6 and myself were crashing in an unused section of a huge home. At first nobody else was living there. As people started to move in they brought with them, children of their own. There was a playground in the backyard. I, along with the boy and girl I stayed with, was enjoying a day on the playground when the new homeowners arrived. The boy knew right away that we should leave so we made our way down from the jungle gym. The new children didn't seem to care whether or not we were there. As I stepped off the ladder of the jungle gym, the boy I stayed with, passed down our cat "Zeus." Just before the homeowners arrived, I had asked the girl that lived with me, if she had ever been in another movie before. She held her hands and put her finger towards her lips. She said she had acted in other films. I suppose it felt as if we were all acting in a film.