Date: 3/17/2019

By emmaoftheleighs

I was in this really big bed and it was kind of like a hotel room. There were other really big beds in the room too but nobody was using them. My roommate, Erica, was sleeping on the other side of the bed I was in. There was some show on the TV in front of the bed. Somehow I was like 'hey I need to visit my friend in California' so I think I went to California with my friend Pierce. I met some lady, I think she was supposed to be somebody's mom or something, I really don't know. Pierce and I were walking to an ice skating rink I think to meet our friend. I realised I forgot my phone at the hotel so I went back for it. Pierce forgot his headphones so he came with me, but he found them on the ground. Close to the ice skating rink, the entrance was like a ramp of ice that you skate down, which is weird for California because how did the ice not melt? Idk Then I was back at the hotel and instead of going to the ice rink I decided to watch some TV. My roommate was sleeping but when I got into the bed she woke up and got out. I was watching this game show I think, and suddenly I was the person on the game show. I was supposed to break glass with my hands for some reason over like a bathtub of water and then get into it. So I did that but I pushed as many of the shards down the drain as I could. Then I was myself again watching the show and the person in the show was my ex boyfriend, Tim. He looked sad and the host was talking about how he needed to get over his past relationship. All the while he was just lying down in the bathtub of water and glass.