Date: 4/11/2019

By KingWalrus4

My cousin Bailey was at the lake and I went up and gave him a hug in front of our dart board while I was holding a towel cause I was wet. Then he was talking about his new dog which looked like the King dog from the lake aka Zeus. It had weird gray hairs coming out of his back like and old man. Bailey said he had to take a shit and every time he takes a shit the dog goes and digs a giant hole in the ground. The dog dug a hole like 7ft deep. I then was at my current house I live at in my pool which had no water in it. It had a big hole in it and you be stuck if you fell in the hole. I kept asking my parents for a dog but they said we can’t get one because it will fall in the hole of the pool. I kept asking to fill up the hole but no one would respond.