My Mom Accidentally Has an Affair With Her Half Brother Viktor Nikiforov and I Spill the Tea at Her and My Dad's Wedding

Date: 8/23/2017

By peachie

so I had this dream right before the other dream I posted involving Viktor Nikiforov (idk why I keep having dreams about him). Anyway so for some reason my mom and dad are getting married again and their wedding is Doctor Who themed (????) and I'm part of the wedding. My job is to walk down the aisle before my mom does (but I'm not the flower girl?). And then while I'm at the wedding sitting in my seat I'm talking in a discord chat with my friends and I'm telling them this story, and then from there it's kind of like a flashback to the story. So, the story is that my mom was cheating on my dad with Viktor Nikiforov (???) but the plot twist was that my grandpa (her dad) had an affair and had a secret child that no one knew about and that was Viktor. But when my mom and Viktor were dating they didn't know that. So my mom was introducing me to him (I'm like 4 at the time) for some reason and telling me not to tell my dad. And I was like "ok he seems kinda cool". Then after a while they figured out that they were related and broke up. So after I told this to my friends some random person in the discord was like "this is all a lie" and I got really heated because I WASN'T lying. My mom really did date Viktor Nikiforov who was her half brother! And then I ended up talking to Viktor about it because he was at the wedding (drama!!) and someone overheard and told everyone and the wedding was ruined because lmao the bride had an affair. Then the plot thickened because my dad confessed at this time that he had an affair with a guy who was also there (and he was really hot actually) and then everything was solved and I woke up.