Little animal-people in Hawaii

Date: 7/31/2019

By ItsABlackCat

My family had travelled to Hawaii somehow all through driving- like my dad drove through the water. When we got there it was gorgeous. First thing I did was go to one of the little private beach places, there were a bunch of fishers there, but then I noticed something. Some evil corporation had been building nearby. Since I was curious I did some math in my head to figure out if their piping was going into the ocean (based on the angle of the pipes when they entered the ground from the factory and the average length of most pipes, etc.). I found that they came out right at one of the beaches. I did this whole treasure hunt to find it and turns out, it was hidden. When I reached the end I found something strange. It was empty. I used it to go into the factory and found that the factory had a huge power source just for these weird little orbs. I wanted to see what they did, but a guard started to come so I just grabbed one and ran back out to the beach. The orb was just a purple ring surrounding the rest of it which was clear. I managed to pry it open and something heavy fell on my foot, but I couldn’t see anything. I called over my brother and sister and my sister was like ‘well the factory was doing something too secret and governmenty right, so maybe it’s invisible!’ at first all of us were like ‘nah’ but then I started feeling around on the ground for whatever dropped at my feet and I found something solid. It was so weird. I could feel it but not see it. I picked it up; it was heavy but I picked it up; and I carried it back to the hotel room where we were staying and sat it on our bed. Then I felt around for anything on the item. When i was feeling I accidentally flipped a switch; the object started flickering, like at first it was invisible then I could see some purple outline of something, then back to invisible, then the outline. Then finally it ‘turned on’ and I could see the full object. It was some weird sort of metal that was invisible until activated with electricity, and it had been made into some sort of box. At the top was a large opening which led to a smooth bowl inside, but the outside of it was filled with holes and switches. I sat it on a table and my sister said ‘we should go into the factory and see what the factory guys do with it!’ So we snuck into the factory and hid. We watched as they took water and filled the bowl and pressed some buttons on the side of the objects and a large case of little pills popped out. Then they dropped a pill in the water and started monitoring it. But after a while they were like ‘it was a failure again, I don’t know why, let’s do another test’ etc.. So finally we left and went back home and did what they did. Only we were really cautious with the pills. I told my sister to choose one since she had been so good at guessing at all this stuff beforehand. She picked out this half-clear, half gray one (all the pills had a half-see-thru side, and one colored side) and she looked at it very closely. Then she said ‘wait- guys! There’s something in here!’ Me and my brother came and inspected and inside looked to be some sort of small creature. I was like ‘well whatever, do u think u wanna put that one in?’ And she said ‘yes this is a good one.’ And kissed it. Then she dropped it in. It fizzed for a bit and then the pill popped apart, and the thing inside started to grow. When it finished, it looked like a mermaid. Well, a realistic one. It had a shark tail and its skin was all the same rough gray as a shark. It had fins on its back and it’s ‘arms’ were basically flat like fins with little fingers. It had no hair, only a fin on the top of its head. It had yellow eyes, but not evil eyes either: it seemed friendly enough. But it was still pretty small. My sister gasped and was like ‘OMG! A MERMAID! It’s SOOOOO cute!’ And me and my brother were like ‘shhh!’ And rolling our eyes and everything. We dropped another pill in (this time I chose, and I saw a cool yellowish orange one and kissed it too and whispered ‘I know ur cool’) and it became something similar. Half-small-person, half-seahorse. It had the tail of a seahorse and all the way up to its neck was kind of bumpy/ringed like a seahorse is. It’s skin was all that same yellow color, dotted and splashed with the same orange color. It’s eyes were pure black, and it barely had a nose; it’s arms were more normal but it had no mouth either. It didn’t have any hair but it seemed to have the same bumps/rings on its head as the rest of its body. It and the shark-thing seemed to get along. My sister was like ‘I wish this bowl was bigger!’ And started mashing buttons and, sure enough (somehow) the bowl expanded with one of the buttons until it filled the whole table. However one of her buttons actually made one of the sides clear so it was basically an in-home aquarium for these creatures. We let our brother choose and he said ‘this one is OBVIOUSLY awesome’ and chose a half dark-purple pill and kissed it too. Then he dropped it in and it became a creature the same as the others, only this time part octopus. It had long, curling tentacles instead of a tail, and it’s skin was all that darkish purple. It had dark black eyes kinda like the seahorse, but wider spaced on its humanoid head. It also had no hair, but this one did had a nose and a mouth (sort of) and it had arms. The arms were reaaaaally long and kind of more flexible than human arms in a way, they looked like they could be another tentacle. It was pretty badass I had to admit. Anyways we decided to try and talk with them, when our parents came home. We made it small again and hurried it over to my room, where we made it big again and my sister grabbed some lettuce and stuff and put it in. Then we all whispered good-bye to the creatures and my sister whispered ‘I promise I’ll come back and try to help u guys!’ and the creatures seemed to understand, somehow, because they all nodded. Then we left to see our parents before they got suspicious. They said we were seeing fireworks. Cut to the fireworks, my brother, my sister, mom, dad, my cousins, and I are all on a lawn near a beach, laying on a blanket (our parents have lawn chairs) and watching Disney themed fireworks. Idk why they’re Disney. I can’t stop thinking about what we found at the factory. I love the creatures and if the factory is mistreating them I’d want to stop it. Also if they were humanoid and understood us, didn’t that mean they were people? Which meant they deserved rights? If I could prove they were people and I could prove the factory was mistreating them then should I try and get the factory sued and/or shut down for mistreating other people? Or would I just end up revealing the creatures to the science community just for them to ignore me since I’m a kid, and start hunting down and misusing the creatures even more? And what about the invisible metal? Obviously it was powerful. Was it from Earth? A meteor? Did we have advances in space nobody knew about? And how come nobody else knew about this metal, either? It would be revolutionary. Unless, of course, there was something about it I didn’t know about. If so, what did I not know? Was I placing my brother and sister in danger? What did the metal have to do with these creatures? And how did they get ahold of these creatures anyways? Are they artificially created creatures? If so, why? And could the metal they were caged in be used to make an invisibility cloak? Questions were all I remember as I watched the fireworks. I kept having to make my cousins sit down because they were standing to see the fireworks and blocking other people’s view. But otherwise I just remember questions.