Date: 6/12/2017

By Daydreamer123

It was night time and me and this boy went inside this green fun house were we first say a person dressed up as an animal coming toward us and I screamed. We then found ourself in this grey tinned room with low lighting. Someone came in and called out some names including the boy and took them away. When that people came back we thought we could go home but they said we were going to be taken to the 'graveyard' I managed to run away down this slope with windows on each side and saw this big room filled with young people in blue (the ones who were taken away) lining up around the room with someone counting them and saying they will be given certain jobs so I stuck in the line. Outside the window were two boys who broke all the windows and we escaped. Instead of heading outside like the rest, I want the opposite away and went back to were I came from and this time all the lights were out so it was dark inside