Date: 8/12/2017

By Sofaloafa

I am in a large school but it has other places in it too. I am in a room with lots of beds in it and all my books in bookshelves. I want to get one of my books and so I look through the shelves for it. I found it and it is called Bat City. I then look around at the beds and I see people sleeping in them, mostly the cast of Stranger Things, but there are other people sleeping there too. I exit the room and see a very long hallway with lots of people bustling about. Suddenly it is the next day and my books have turned into a library and I have to return Bat City. I go back into that room and go to my books. There is an old man there and he is looking for a certain book and becoming frustrated because he cannot find it. He then leave in a huff and the librarian shakes her head. I put my book back and the librarian smiles and says that was the book the old man was looking for. I say sorry and then go to change my clothes. Unfortunately when I take my clothes off, I see that all my clothes have disappeared, and so I try to hide myself with a towel. Suddenly five guys walk in, they see me but pay me no attention except for one of them- the "leader" of sorts. I quickly duck out of sight and find an outfit to put on. I walk back into the room with guys in it, but when I walk in they all start singing toward me, with the leader in the middle, looking at me with interested eyes. The leader had neatly combed dirty blond hair, he was about my height, but his hair sometimes fell into his face. He walked up to me and took my hand and asked if I wanted to join him. I didn't know for what, but I said yes anyways. We both ran out of the room where we were in and down the hallway, leaving his friends behind. We spent the next day laughing and having fun. I started to really like him, but then he yelled something. I really don't like to hear yelling so I ran off. I decided to get back at him by singing the song he first sang to me with a bunch of my friends. So we got together and I see him open the door to the room we were in and step in with his friends. We started singing, and I tried to show him that I liked him but I didn't like him yelling. He just shook his head and said we needed to stop. My group immediately stopped and disbanded, going away. I was heartbroken, and when he tried to talk to me I shook my head and ran away- again. He ran after me with his friends, but I ignored his pleas to talk and instead ran faster. I tried to hide in the bathroom at the very end of the hallway, but the doors wouldn't close. I didn't see him or his friends so I quickly and quietly walked out of the bathroom and tried to find another place to hide. I ended up in a church, and I curled up in a ball in a corner. I was kind of scared and so I stayed like that for a while. Suddenly though I see him approach me, and I try to run again. He runs after me again and I notice that he doesn't have his friends with him anymore. I then accidentally trip but I don't hit the ground, because he caught me. I screwed my eyes shut, but he continued to hold me and tell me that he was sorry. I opened my eyes and saw that he was genuinely sorry, and so I forgave him. We decided to go to the restaurant that was in the school, at the other end of the hallway. We reconciled, and ate yummy food. I recognized the menu I had as a Mother's Day menu, but I paid no attention to it because I could color it in with crayons.