end of school

Date: 5/17/2017


I'm making loads of decorations for the end of school, misbehaving SOS much fun with it and messing around loads, I'm pretty sad as meg is going to Australia even though I though rd she was going to Erica, so.I'm being left alone. I make a mask and I'm in hysterics about it, it's made of food. the teachers are not that impressed. I bc o me down late, it's rewards evenin and I'm not sure that I'll get an award because my cakes haven't had time to be judged, on my way down I walk I on two boys in the shower nd M told off for being annoyed this t I have to walk around the long way to go down. in wearing load S of mascara so I cn hardly open my eyes. When I get down it's actually Christmas lunch and Sandra asks if she could not have cauliflower as she will eat it all, I said that's fair but Helen argues that she has to try it. I bite into a pink mushroom, it's texture is very watery and it's a bit like beetroot but ore see through and jellyfish. it's delicious actually. then I wake up