the walking dead escape game gone wrong

Date: 8/4/2017

By weltraumimport

The world had a similar apocalypse like in The Walking Dead with zombies etc. but eventually someone had started working in the power plants again so the area was flowing with electricity again and that somehow helped the people rebuils their cities. I wanted to anticipate in a Zombie escape game with some friends which is an actual survival game with actual zombies in a specific area. We met up in an older abandoned house which happened to have a functioning clean kitchen in the upper floor. A door to the left in front of me went to a small room with a staircase that me and my friends had previously sealed off with steel beems we found when the apocalypse was still full on. We got all nostalgic over it that we almost got killed. In the kitchen there was an oven like device but much brighter and a cat was chilling inside. We quickly remembered that this is to protect the cat from the zombies when the game would start. Me and my friends were super early so we had to wait for the game to start in that kitchen and i had a flashback to the apocalypse times on the same place. There was a hill behind the house where the shack is and a frozen river was flowing there. We were hurt and tried avoiding any contact with anything there but somehow a muslim kid with its family showed up. They wanted to walk down the river in hope to find something but a wild zombie snow fox showed up, jumping over the river and wanting to attack the kid. I stood up and instinctively ran towards the zombie fox which caught itself so offguard that it slipped and directly backed off of us. It kept standing in the middle of the river while the muslim kid ran back to its family as they continued calmly walking down the river. Flashback done, i'm back in the kitchen and me and my friends got tired of waiting. We decided to start the game already and grabbed each our backpacks that we had left with the escape game company before to be filled with random items. It was our backpacks and our stuff inside but some other stuff was taken out to make the game more fair and exciting. So we went out and went i don't remember where, but at some point I told my group that I wanted to go back because i forgot something and that they should wait at that spot. So I went back to the house with the kitchen and more groups had arrived consisting of friends and cousins of mine and also the game leader showed up. The game leader was an old white man in his mid-50s maybe. He looks like the kinda guy to make archeologic trips to south american or african tribes n shit. He was mad at himself for being super late and that we managed to start the game early which was super dangerous because they had released real zombies for this game. I said they're waitinf at that spot i told them to wait, because we had huge trouble finding my friends. But somehow they weren't there so we a went our together and visited a mansion somewhere the non-game area in the middle of the mediterran fields (The flora was something mid-chinese area for some reason) and I got transformed into a walking fish Pokémon that doesn't actually exist but in my dream i recognized it as a fish Pokémon (it looked more like a blue citizen fish with extremely big eyes). I asked the game leader guy (who seemed super tired and exhausted somehow) that everyone's calling me Glubschi and i don't know why (Glubschi's a german pun and apparently i didn't realize i transformed into a fish). The dude laughed nicely and we kept walking down a rural area which looked like a greek town a little and we stopped in the middle of the street by a gas station and either the dude or my brother, who was part of the friend group that got lost, got mad over the outcome of this game and that their lives are constanly endangered (woah). Anyway this person ripped their packs open (which they weren't allowed to do before) and a few things along with a copy of Final Fantasy VII for PS1 fell out with a note. Some older lady which was part of the organization team left a note saying that he should be thankful all their stuff is safe after she found it and that she had only sold one CD of the FFVII game cuz they sell for a ton of money now and she had to keep herself alive after all to save his stuff, right? That's what the note sad generally. The guy got even more mad and started looking like Jin from Tekken 3 and I woke up to type everything in this app. There was also a part where I found my old children books from school in one of the shelves in that kitchen and my brother was there. There were a bunch of books that had black outlines with finished stories printed on them and we had to colour it. One of the poorly colored once was a book called smth like "Hitler and the ducks" and the hero was an actual cartoon Hitler which was hilarious to both of us in the dream cuz irl we went to a school in Germany and this kinda stuff is banned everywhere and our dream-selves were aware of that. In the end, it was all very atmospheric and the plot was super serious in my dream but thinking about it it makes no sense anymore. I also feel like there was another part during the actual apocalypse but I forgot.