Vomit infested with leeches

Date: 3/8/2021

By Purple

In my dream, I was in an apartment. (I don’t know whose, maybe mine, but the layout was not the same as the one I live in now.) I was violently ill, throwing up bile that had leeches in it. The color was greenish yellow and was mostly liquid. Leeches were coming out by the dozens in my puke. There didn’t seem to be an end to the amount of vomit coming out of me. Scene changed. I think my mom took me to the hospital by cab. I continued to vomit, tainted with leeches, in the hospital as well. I begged my mom to get a doctor to come see me as soon as possible. My younger brother came to visit me in the hospital room as I continued to wretch. There was no basin to catch my vomit, and it spewed all over the place. Waking note: I saw a movie last night that contained leeches, so maybe it was residue from the movie...?