riding a bike

Date: 3/16/2019

By Talon

i was riding my bike down main street in Bowling green Ohio. it was dark. i turned on the lights on the bike. i stopped at a red light. after a while, i decided to just ride through because there were no cars. as i was riding, it was hard to pedal. i was trying to go faster, but it seemed like the chain wasn't working right. suddenly, it was daylight. I was riding on a side street and then went down a brick road alley. i passed by a green house that i saw in a previous dream. in that dream, it was for rent, and i was seeing the place as a potential rental, but did not take it. i kept riding by. the landscape changed to an empty field. i rode down the sidewalk, and passed by these dogs that were barking viciously at me. i came to what looked like a canyon. i was not on my bike anymore at this point. one odd thing i noticed about my bike was that it was old, and the handle bars were bent up. - i walked through the canyon. there was some water down there. the dogs appeared again. some were nice this time, and began to follow me. we came to a spot that looked like natural steps. we decided to go up. there were maybe 5 dogs (of varying breeds) following me. there was a water hose on the steps and hot water was coming out of it. i said outloud, "why the -blank- is hot water coming out of this?!" the steps were slippery and it took us a while to climb up. we reached the top. all the dogs changed to humans. we found ourselves on some kind of military base. the soldiers pointed their guns at us and commanded us to raise our hands in the air and get on the ground.... we obeyed. they let us go after we explained how we got there.