"Get Out" (Of the Simulation)

Date: 3/15/2017

By fareliam94

So I think this dream was inspired buy the movie get out by Jordan peel. Although I saw this a few weeks ago and not recently. So I had a new girlfriend and she brought me to her house or something like that. Then it was time for sleep and we both slept in the same bed with two older guys to my right and she was on my left. They were her uncles or grandpas or something. Anyways she slept close to me and we fell sleep. Then I had a dream a very fuzzy one where I walking down a set of stairs to meet her. There were many other people on the steps and I could see her. But I can also hear the two older guys sleeping next to me and they were saying things. Then we woke up and that morning I tried to explain what happened. And they said they were something like mistiques or mind readers some sort of therapy thing. Then the next day we all went to sleep again and in the dream I was killed by the two guys. Then in these dreams I kept getting killed by pretty much everyone around me and I would wake up and they were back to normal. Then at one point I decided to escape during a dream dinner party at my house. I went into the garage and grab a bike and started going out of the house.. at this point it was like the Truman show where everyone was trying to stop me. I was riding down the streets and cars were whizzing past me. I was coming from my house and I just wanted to get down Sparrow onto Millbrook Road. But all the cars had made a roadblock at the last intersection. I was going really fast I decided to just try and fly through them. There were cars to my side as I was driving down and I got ready to make a left turn. I tried to shoot the gap between a bunch of cars at the roadblock but I hit somebody on a motorcycle and we went flying. I woke up in a hospital next to the guy who was my girlfriends cousin or something and the whole family was there in the hospital. I knew that everyone was in on it including my girlfriend. The next place we were at was a restaurant and I said well why doesn't everyone just stab me with a knife. Then a guy picked up a really big kitchen knife and I started looking for a way out as everyone else started looking at me. It really felt like I was getting hurt each of those other times and was horrified of being stabbed by everyone at the same time and just saw that picture in my mind. So I started making my way past people as they started coming at me. I made it near the reception desk of the restaurant and then out the doors and I tried to go further. There was some sort of virtual wall that I started going through slowly being enveloped by it. Like a red membrane of digital mass that I had to bust through. I burst through the other side and it was darkness. I looked back at what I had just come through and saw the video game map or whatever simulation from the outside. It was beautiful and I just floated there in space looking at its glory and not really caring about what I should do next. I felt safe and amazed at the same time. My field of View Took a third person perspective on me and the map. I could move the map around like some sort of 3D model in a software program and see it's different parts then I woke up from the Awe inspiring events that just happened.