Hymenia Mythica

Date: 5/26/2017

By Fitful

A few still life vision type things which I recall first. A scene, like carved white marble statues, of old men, naked, thin wire bodies with long curly white hair, all in some pitched battle. Each was posed in some physical exertion, like Greek athletes and they might have had weapons like swords and shields, but lacked armor or any sort of covering. A dog faced man was fighting them, also a statue but he was in color. He had the head of a boxer, tan fur, the same shape of the dog, perfect replica while his body was perfectly human and clothed for battle, chain mail, armor ect. His head was rather small in comparison to his body, but it worked and he was fighting, the scene caught him in midair, about to rain down a sword on one of the old men. ~ The next was a woman, like an art piece, exaggerated thin neck, arms and her head was replaced by a wine glass, her neck as the stem. ~~ There was a man on the dark Internet, he stumbled upon a website, dark background, detailing a two page story about fisting a little girl against her will. He mildly enjoyed the story until the very end where he got a feeling she might be a real little girl in need of his help. He made an account to talk to the writer/host of the website and maybe trace back to the origin and find her. He began typing to the host as the host answered, asking if the little girl was real. The host laughed at him and told him of course not. Then derided him for his greed, telling him he had a hero complex and only wanted to save her so he could have her for himself. "Grow up there is no little girl, get you head out of the gutter." The man who hosted the website, or at least the man he talked to, was the focus now of the dream. It followed him home where he had two little girls who loved him and were as normal as can be, a wife and the little girls aunt was visiting. The little girls loved their aunt, young woman with thin blonde hair and a post party lethargy, that slow to response because I partied too hard muzzy thing. I think she was the sister of a previous marriage where he was widowed. She wasnt related to him or his current wife but she was related to the little girls. She spent a short while there but had to leave, the family knew she never stayed long. He drove her home, or to the bus stop, supposedly. But we see her later escaping a factory, wrapped in sheets and bleeding from large visible wounds. She doesn't get far they catch her and take her back. She is kept tied to a cement floor in this achingly large place, maybe kept underground. The man is part of some vast organization, not a government but so huge and controlled the feel is similar. But they have no scruples and have an agenda and she is important to them somehow. She does escape again, often, once she gets as far as a garden in someone's back yard. It's beautiful and peaceful and for a moment she's happy. But she's taken back. Then, while tied down wrapped in sheets once again, she hears guards talking about checking her ass cheek, for some thing not sexual, but she had another thing to hide there, something vital she doesn't want them to know a birthmark or tattoo. They can't find it. She runs and escapes again and gets pretty far. She meets up with his wife and, but has to run. She's almost caught a few times but meets his wife again, whenever she is with another person she is fully clothed but when I see her by herself she is back in sheets. The man catches her at his home and put her in his car while he's in his house, and she escapes from the car. Again, she meets his wife and this time she is very concerned, she doesn't know the details, and she knows better not to tell her. The man threatened her, blackmail, something bad if she ever told his wife anything. But the wife keeps pressing. They are out on some intersection in the middle of the country or less crowded area. The wife presses and she says she can't tell her, that 'he's watching you'. She puts her camera phone up to snap a pic of the stoplight. The moment it turns there is a force field around it, like some sci-fi movie, which spies on them. The wife is floored, and then the man shows up, takes the aunt back under his control, and there are ambulances and police and they are all standing around creepily while the man directs. He announces this is Hymenia Angrios (a moment later changes it to Hymenia Mythica) the alias he always uses on her and she is wanted by authorities or mentally sick whatever excuse he comes up with this time and puts her back in his car. The report comments on her name, a little incredulous. The he stand around talking as if to the reporter or a camera, narrating an event which isn't actually happening as the wife runs up to see. "A man's been in an accident, all his limbs have been removed, and now his head, it's a tragedy." The aunt tells his wife to smoke cigarettes, it disrupts the conditions he put on her mind. On the drive home she does smoke a cigarette, even tho he's never allowed her to, and she realizes the truth too just before he puts it out.