The End of The World as I never want it.

Date: 7/21/2017

By drunchee

I'm at the Campgrounds, but it's different. There's a lot of those storm shelters, like at Birchard park, where you can have events and stuff. There's a school event happening, like a picnic maybe. A lot of my classmates are here. Me and Brody and some other dudes walk around, but I'm just looking for the bathroom. We go to one shelter house and there's many boxes of party supplies. Mrs. Foos (the teacher, not Allison's Mom) tells us boys to help box up stuff, cuz the party is over. I skip out on helping by going to the bathroom. It's now time to gather up all the classmates. One is in his camper still, mopeing around all sad-like. He somehow lost all of his skin, so he looks like a red glistening ghoul. It's bad. I tell him not to be sad because eventually it'll grow back, and I told him I had the exact same problem once. He got cheered up and then got up from his bunkbed to pack. On the way out, me and a black stocky teen boy high-fived, apparently me and him are tight asf. I walk away from the campers feeling grand, having escaped helping pack, cheered up a kid without skin, and high fived my cool black friend. Cut to the future, me and my mom are in this weird, half tiny home, half car. It's almost like a huge cardboard box with a fully steerable car function and living space. We're in a field with other trailers and trucks. It has been days since an outbreak of a virus that, you guessed it, makes people zombies-or that is the rumor. The news is no longer working. No one really knows if the virus creates zombies or if it even kills, but people assume so, so everyone now lives in trailers and stuff. Including me. When night falls, people begin to leave the field and so do Mom and I due to the fear of the field birthing out zombies that have been buried. (Like the undead?) Marcos is also now in the back of the car-house that my mom is driving. I'm in the front sitting next to her. Mom begins to drive normally. We're on a road with the other trucks that are fleeing town and it's night time. But then it gets crazy. For seemingly no reason, Mom starts speeding the car, doing huge stunt jumps that some how defy gravity at times, jumping over fences and whole buildings. Going super sonic speed without hitting anything, at times literally flying over the city. I have to grab the sides of the car-house box (which is very light) and make it fall safely, like steering it mid air. Suddenly, on a empty road in the middle of no where, a cop pulls us over. Marcos warns us before he gets to our car that this cop in particular takes his job very seriously. I hurriedly put my seatbelt on to make sure we don't get a fine for that. Instead the cop and my mom talk it out, and another cop enters our car-home as well. The cops distribute some gas masks and first aid stuff. They also give some info; saying that the virus is indeed zombie-like, saying that a man in Lydia and people in Kenya are turning into zombies. He also says New York is the same way. This prompts my mom to ask me if Allie and I would still go on our date to NYC now that there's zombies around. I tell her no, considering death isn't fun.