Wholesome post-apocalypse

Date: 8/12/2017

By jaq97

There had been some kind of apocalyptic event and we were living without any government, expecting everything to descend into chaos. My dad and I drove to the local supermarket ready to loot, intending to steal canned and dried food, only to get there to find people were working the checkouts like usual, no one was stealing. Apparently there was still power, and people kind of just wanted to do their jobs still, live their lives like normal. We had to pay for our food. We went back to this store a few times and the canned food was gone quickly, but farmers were still sending fresh fruit and veg. There were no mushrooms though because those usually come from Holland or Ireland and there was no contact with people overseas. When I finally found a single pot of sliced mushrooms I was ecstatic. I got into an argument with my dad because I wanted to buy a huge 20kg bag of whole grain rice but he wanted a bag of basmati because he said he didn't like whole grain. I told him it was an apocalypse and he needed the nutrients and couldn't afford to be picky. Also everyone drank these giant green smoothies which I thought was really cool until I saw that they had raw meat floating in them. It was near Halloween and the store sold lots of costumes and decorations, they had aisles and aisles dedicated to them, I assumed to keep kids happy. It was a nice vision of the apocalypse all in all.