The Korean avengers? In a barn???

Date: 6/23/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I was hanging out with penny, Amy and Bernadette from Big Bang πŸ˜‚ (ugh why) and we were road tripping. Also, Shawn spencer was my bf or something idek...I stopped at my apartment to take a shower and the army Major dude from Descendants of the Sun is waiting for me and tells me I need to come help the avengers. (Meanwhile, my cat takes the opportunity to take a dump on his foot--an amazing first impression) I go with him and end up helping the avenger peeps win a fight thing--it was mostly just Stark, Strange, and Spidey, but I know Cap was there too--and I was mostly just following Strange around. And we were at this weird huge af barn/mansion thing that was old and kinda falling apart...and somehow Strange was winning cause he could tap dance on the roof really good. After the battle is over I just kinda hang around, not sure what I'm supposed to do. And since this decrepit barn thing (that's seriously massive and like ten bajillion floors) now is ownerless, stark decides to buy it so that him and spidey (tom holland spidey of course) can renovate it together (it was seriously so sweet I think I cried) and they had all these plans for making these secret rooms and everything and they were joking around and all, and gah. Spidey was so happy. Like you could tell, he was just so happy to have a dad, and even though he didn't want to admit it, stark was so happy to have a son, and Steve and I are just watching in bemusement while I die of squee. After a while I come back from wandering around the other floors to come see what progress has been made on the one they've been working on. And I walk into this half finished kitchen and I'm like "BRUUUUHHHHH THIS PLACE IS EFFIN HUUUUGE" and I could tell it was gonna be hella fancy even though it didn't have paint or anything yet. And then I go further, to like a dining room ish/extended kitchen type room that is already furnished and basically done. It's just as utterly massive and fancy, so me and my friend (I think it was a side character from my k-drama...) look around trying to find food. And along the one wall it's a looooong row of cabinet/counters, but in stepped levels that go up a loooong way. But the cabinet counters are also like 10 feet tall. So I say "what is this, an asgardian kitchen? I didn't know Thor was coming over" (I am so hilarious and smooth in my dreams oh yes) and I'm trying to figure out how to reach the top of the counters and whatnot but I look like a child compared to them. So me and my friend devise a plan to stand on chairs and stools to try to get in the fridge, and Steve is just sitting there watching in amusement sipping his coffee as he do. And then a dude storms in, he's like half tony/half the Korean army dude, and he yells at us asking what we're doing. My being me, decides to be a smartass about the situation which totally pisses him off. He pulls out one of the chairs and tells me to stand on it. Then he tilts it really far one way, then the other, trying to make me fall or whatever. Except that I am totally super skilled at balancing so I can ride the chair all the way down until it literally just plops on it's side. And everytime I do it the guy gets more mad cause I'm upstaging him. He does it a few more times, and then calls head people in the army to tell them he's found a recruit for special forces because he's never seen someone balance as good as that before😐 then I woke up😭😭😭😭