4/8 KPOP boot camp on a beach with a disaster

Date: 4/10/2019

By fmeib

I found myself in a clay cave that looked like a mazy with low ceiling on a beach. This location was also a KPOP training bootcamp with different classes in session in each of the chambers in the cave. Parts of this cave were underground but some parts were above the ground, overlooking other parts of the beach. It seemed like we were there for a room escape game or a scavenger hunt as we were running around inside the cave and on top of that we have been partying and drinking. I was in this big chamber that connected to all other chambers and looking for the right one and then I finally saw J. He asked if I was ok, I said yes, he then said ok, but be careful. Then we started roaming around the cave but somehow I lost him in the process and was alone. All of the sudden, something happened, maybe a disaster? and then we were running for our lives and/or hiding from the “monsters” or “perpetrators.” I was hiding in a place and saw a bunch of people running in front of me. I waited in the dark until they all passed so that I can continue going in my route, then some drunk guy stopped in front of me and puked AND cummed on me. It was gross on top of extra gross...