I am my own twin sister. Magic. Depression. Torture.

Date: 2/1/2017

By Fitful

I'm living in a busy city with my twin sister. We are children. I think we're about 9 years old, maybe as old as 13. All I know is that I am both a boy and a girl, myself and my twin sister throughout the dream. We don't have family, we had a father but he gave us up. Now we live at a shelter for children in a busy city, and we struggle for money. My sister, however, either wants to be a model or has a good chance of it. She's talented. Me, I protect her, with magic. She has magic too, but we keep it secret. I work with an old lady who lives in the same place to keep her safe. The old lady is the only one I can trust. Once during the dream I get caught up walking this dog, a big strong dog, which wouldn't be a problem except its collar keeps coming off. The buckle buckles fine and looks like it will work but then it just falls off anyway. The dog keeps running away and disappearing as if invisible. Finally a woman helps, she rushes to the store and buys something to make it work. I lose the dog again anyway and it's gone invisible. I rush to join the woman and we duck through several stores. She isn't welcome in some stores because she used to steal there. Eventually we did find a guard for the collar so it won't unbuckle. I am grateful because I don't want to lose the dog. It isn't my dog, its a job, and I also worry it might get hurt running around. The old lady gives me a magic stone. I am my sister now, and I am often depressed. I go through times where I don't get out of bed. Then there are times I am happy and rush around, and do the model thing. I am actually successful at modeling and I could make a lot of money if I stuck to it. I don't have the confidence to do that. I make a few friends in the city, people who aren't exact that savory but to do like genuinely. They steal, which I don't approve of but I love them anyway. Someone finds out about my magic and demands to know how it works. I rush to find the old lady but end up in a cafeteria waiting for too long. They guy behind the​ counter is nice. I buy jello for a dollar, but he gives me all the jello there and the rest of the left over Chinese food. The cafeteria is closing anyway and he had to get rid of it. He winks at me with this explanation. I'm really grateful because I am always hungry. When I'm really depressed I wear a shirt I have in real life, it's a thin sweatshirt mock up, that is turquoise with black sugar skulls on it. I love it but because it is so colorful and I am Gothic I never wear it in front of people. I tend to sleep in it only. I remember curling up in the shirt in my dream bed and sleeping when really sad, it swallows me because I'm a child wearing an adult shirt. I am a thin child. The old lady wants me to practice magic. She wants me to perfect my control. I don't want to, I really don't feel like doing much, but I keep the stone she gave me hidden. And I try when I am not sad. Someone finds out about me, that I can do magic. A guy. He captures me and tortures me, I always knew I would give into torture too easily, so I just tell him when the chomping machine begins on my fingers. I really wasn't in the mood for pain. I am my brother again, but I may be a girl this time. I rush to find the old woman, there is an office at the shelter and it turns out to be a really nice clean place. White and busy. The old lady is not some homeless poor one like we are but a secret agent of sorts, she works for an organization watching over us. This organization might not be that bad too. I find myself getting stuck at the front desk waiting for her. A girl buzzes about behind the desk, finally I wait behind it too. The old lady eventually shows up and I tell her my sister has been taken. There is a moment when I look in the mirror. I have out my hair up and it's it white, with purple on the ends and I look like a punk. I sigh, apparently the black dye didn't take. We rush to find my sister and I end up throwing a knife into his heart, which is apparently on the wrong side of his chest. My sister surprises me, non violent though she is, she throws a very small knife into the heart of someone attacking me and saves me too. It is too on the wrong side of the body. I love my sister. I am my sister again and I think I am blonde. I am successfully modeling and making a good amount of money. We have a good life and it's getting much better. I am actually happy most of the time. Sometimes I dream about our father.