Digital art, He watched as his father and a stranger sat on the couch, feeling uneasy as they waited for him to arrive. He then carried a baby in his arm and walked off together, looking for food in the distance, only to be interrupted by a man at the vending machine.

Ahhhh Dad!

Date: 12/5/2017

By DreamWeirdo

I remember being at my old house with my dad. A guy had come over and I remember the both of them sitting on a couch waiting for me to give them oral. My dad had got up and it was as if he did not want the other guy to be there. I think I had started to give to him but I decided he needed to leave so he left. I remember carrying a baby, a beautiful little baby who was wrapped in my arm and we were going to grab food. The food was so far away but we walked there. A guy appeared at this vending machine as I put a dollar in and I walked away. The baby disappeared and I went to go retrieve him. End.

AI generated interpretation This dream could be interpreted in many ways, but in general it appears to be exploring themes of family, connection, and protection. Your Dad is likely a symbol of a parental figure in your life, and his reluctance to accept the other man could suggest a feeling of protection towards you and a desire to keep you safe. The baby in your arms could reflect your feelings of vulnerability and innocence, and the journey towards the vending machine could symbolize a need to find sustenance and security in an uncertain world. Ultimately, this dream could be interpreted as your subconscious mind exploring issues of safety and connection within your life.