Roofies and fighting

Date: 5/15/2017

By chloelynns

So first i was taking a trip to costa rica and i went out with two friends in a sketchy boat. We started going down the river and then it skipped forward and i was in a hospital (more of a hut but i felt that is was a hospital) with a bunch of injuries. One of my friends was dead and the other had been badly burned with acid and had he lips cut off. My boyfriend was scolding me for going out saying i got roofied and he told me not to go and yet i did. I briefly woke up but fell back asleep to me and Eric (my boyfriend) on a train taking us to the grocery store. Once we got to the grocery store we got a bunch of jolly ranchers and ran outside. We found my old roommates and their car. I proceeded to lick all the jolly ranchers and stick them to the windshield of their car. Elena (one of the ex roommates) comes running at me and i straight punched her in the face. I proceeded to chase her through a drag bar then got into a fight with one of the queens. After the queen had beaten me up i went out into the main lobby to find Eric bruised and crying. I asked him what had happened and he said that Bobby (other ex roommate) beat him with a pipe. When i heard that i started screaming and ran out of the bar we were in to go fight him. I never found him and woke up with a lot of hatred twisting my stomach.