Date: 9/23/2019

By TessofTexville

I was on my relaxing with Nick. I noticed he was sitting far away and the sun was really bright, I couldn’t see his face. He told me that he thinks he “knows what’s been going”. I thought he meant why I didnt feel good and I said it’s the grass, I think I am allergic to it. He said “it’s solfing “. I didn’t understand and he said it’s too much, I have been polluting my body, now the Gods are making me pay”. I was confused and said “wait, what? You haven’t been doing drugs or anything and what do you even mean”? He said I have, we’ve been smoking, it’s a drug, it’s all in this book, everything is going wrong for me, I can’t figure anything out and everything I try to do doesn’t work”. I asked him to sit closer to me because I couldn’t see his face. He sat down on the floor and started chipping and pushing pieces of it off. I was upset and told him to stop, one of the dogs could fall through, plus this was my house. I said “what the hell is wrong with you”? He said here read it. I was trying to read this small book, but my eyes could barely make out the words, but I did see “solfing, stuffing the sole”. I explained I couldn’t see it and still didn’t make any sense. I said “solfing, what is that” ? He said it was why “bad things” kept happening...then the front door opened and Tessa dashed out. I ran after her and she was in middle of busy intersection chasing another small dog. I thought this is it, I am going to see her die, but she was making her way back to me, I was calling her name,- I woke up