Surprise Lesbian Dream

Date: 3/27/2017

By bdawg28

It was such a realistic dream. I was in my house and I thought I was in the house alone so I wasn't wearing that much kinda skimpy kinda casual. And my roommate came downstairs. I felt so shy and was hardcore blushing. She looked so damn beautiful. I had the intense urge to just kiss her and couldn't help myself. I nervously went up to her and pulled her close to me and passionately presses my lips to hers. I pulled away thinking god I fucked up and looked up to see her blushing and pulled me back. She pressed me to the wall and started making out with me and with one hand groping me gently but firm. making me moan louder. She and I go up to her room and she kinda tosses me on her bed. We help take each other's shirts off and she starts playing with my nipples teasing me so badly. I decide I'm feeling a little mean and I start biting on her neck and rubbing her through her jeans. I love hearing her moan. it makes me even more horny. She flips me and takes off my pants kissing my thighs gently and then some light nibbling.aI leave a few hickies on her neck and breasts. She kisses her way back to my lips and grinds her hip into me. Oh I can't help but squirm beneath her. feeling my breathing get heavy. Then she starts playing with my clit. And then fingering me vigorously as I try to play with her back but I'm sure it was more an attempt because I could barely eve think straight (haha). as we are fingering each other we orgasm together and with one hand I dig my nails into her back. She helps drag me into the shower and we rinse off. I flop over on bed and am out. That's when I woke up.