Date: 3/13/2019

By m_ngu

My boyfriend and I had some sort of conflict with each other. This dream I had took place in high school. For some odd reason, we had every class together, which we don’t in the real world by the way. In every class, he began blaming me for his problems. In the real world, he never does that, which is really odd that he did that in my dream. On the other hand, one of my good friends surprisingly has a crush on another friend of mine, and she believes that I’m in interested in him? Since they’re both not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with anyone IRL, I find it rather odd that one of the them is interested in the other. Another strange thing I had in my dream was that I had an advanced math class. IRL, I’m only average at math, not good nor bad. These were some details that I remembered in my dreams...I couldn’t say much more, since my memory is pretty bad.